Friday, September 4, 2009

snare roll in...and...

...and so another year transpires and having survived to endure another birthday ( though barely thanks to the majority of a bottle of Glen Fiddich and a bleary eyed trip to see 'G.I. Joe' ) I find myself reaching a point where i feel compelled to throw myself in with the tap-tap-typing throng and thread the great infinite of the internet with yet another ribbon of rambling reviews and redacted reminiscenses.

Now that I've admitted that, I find myself coy and uncertain. What next? Should I tell you something of myself, before my scribblings begin to unravel, dear reader, as if the proverbial thread from a well-worn carpet? What would you like to know? What do you need to know in order that this relationship of ours works? Operating of course on the basis that I will always remain honest, and candid, and eschew the opportunity to dissemble my dillentantism, and detract from my dabblings and derring-do, I can tell you that I have often been mistaken for Brad Pitt, and possess magickal powers, contained within a glass orb clutched in a raven's claw I wear on a chain around my neck.

Not buying it, eh?
Okay, I'm a mid-thirties artist, writer, rocker and raconteur.
Call me Scarlet Sapience.
That's okay, there's no need for genuflection, though a cup of tea would be nice.
Ooh, and some biccies.

It was either Scarlet Sapience or SloMo Sapience.
Personally, I think Scarlet Sapience makes me sound like one of the Red Lantern cast from Green Lantern. I imagine Terry Thomas in a red leather outifit with a satin cape. ( Sort of like Sinestro, but camp )When you conjure that image try not to make the cozzie too tight...
Perhaps, on that note, SloMo Sapience is looking better after all.

So, I think I'll list a few of my favourite things, for I am big into lists, as you will soon discover, and let my tastes shape your impressions of me.

Doctor Who ( the be all and end all )
The Professionals, The Sweeney, Minder.
Drop the Dead Donkey

Suspiria, The Wicker Man, Hellraiser, Withnail & I, The Quatermass films, Halloween & The Fog,
The Remains of the Day, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, The Wild Bunch, The Fury & Blow Out, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Taxi Driver & Goodfellas, The Long Good Friday, Manhunter, The Dirty Dozen.

John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Brian De Palma, Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese.

James Ellory, Shaun Hutson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Phil Rickman, Tom Holland, Joe R. Lansdale, Carl Hiassen, Elmore Leonard, the divine Kim Wilkins, the genius that is Mark Gatiss...
and Robert Holmes and Terrance Dicks.

Overkill, Iron Maiden, Within Temptation, Running Wild, Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower, Nightwish, Kreator, Dark Moor, Blind Guardian, Motorhead, Rhapsody, Dark Angel, Sodom.
Dungeon, Dreadnaught, DowNriver, Crimson Fire...and RiVeN

Henry Rollins, Friedrich Nietszche, Gustav Holst, Adam Hughes & Alex Ross & Dave McKean, Gail Simone, Robson Green, Andy Hamilton, Laurie Wyman, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, Malboro cigarettes, Monte Carlo biscuits & Arnotts Barbecue Shapes, ESP, Anton La Vey...

..Sorry that started to get out of control...
I suppose by now you've got the point. Something in there for everyone really.

Be warned I can, and will ramble. Here be tangents.

I think I will leave you with that lot to contemplate and take my leave.

Next time, it'll be time to get serious...

Right then, hold on tight, deep breath...and...let's go...

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